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Following the tragic death of Professor Bernard Quatermass in 1980, a schism within the British Experimental Rocket Group (B.E.R.G.) resulted in the formation of a branch, staffed by those who believed that the Government had failed to support modern cultural developments in much the same way that they earlier failed to provide leadership in the area of space research. Additional secret research facilities were created to allow diversification into the field of electronically generated synthetic sounds for experimentation, communication and 'musical' composition.

Persistent rumours that BERG have 'weaponised' sound waves for military purposes continue to be denied. But there can be little doubt that sufficient research funding was available to ensure that this new venture was successful.

With the recent return to popularity of 'retro' electronic sounds, The Committee For Sonic Research are pleased to have secured exclusive access to many of the sonic experiments and synthetic compositions filed in the BERG archives, covering a period spanning more than 30 years. The archives are stored at a number of locations. Whilst the main site is a well organised controlled environment, some archive material remains in 'cold storage' on a variety of media in a range of locations. With their kind permission (and some maps), selected tracks and recovered excerpts will be made publicly available for the first time.


released January 1, 2015




The Committee for Sonic Research England, UK

The Committee For Sonic Research www.tcfsr.net is a publishing house that promotes the work of several artists. Started in the 1980s its primary output was the work of Except Buses, an experimental electronic music group. It lay dormant for almost two decades before being re-activated to promote the work of tourmaline hum, solo projects by its members and other artists. ... more

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